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Isik Parla Timaz Aras Company (IPTA) with blessed management and with international activities in the field of marketing of imported and exported goods and providing commercial services is as follows:
- Clearance of goods, export and import of goods, international transportation
- Holding public, private, domestic and foreign tenders and auctions online, officially and completely legal
- The possibility of ordering imported and exported goods for companies and traders with the most appropriate price and the highest quality
- The possibility of searching for a buyer and selling export goods by auction or agreement
- The experienced and expert management of this collection, with knowledge of the latest commercial and customs laws and regulations of the country, can cover any business and commercial operations in the shortest possible time
- Experience convenient and different business with our collection

Our team

Yalda Khojaste

CEO,Member of the board

Mohammad Khojaste


Leila Khojaste



Advice for foreign purchases

Important points should be taken into account for a safe, high-quality purchase at a competitive price. We will provide the necessary advice in this regard.

Registration of goods order

Registration of goods order only and only in the form of LC and through banks with official contract is considered as a service of Ishik Parla for customers.

Logistic and shipment

Due to the availability of international forwarders, Isik Parla can start shipping the goods as soon as possible and at the best price.

Clearance of goods

Benefiting from experienced customs clearance workers has made Ishik Parla a leader in clearing goods in the shortest possible time.

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Having a powerful and experienced business team with a solution-oriented approach to business issues.


Having a very experienced and knowledgeable business method

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Having the most reliable suppliers and provider of the best price and the best quality





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Jolfa , Tabriz , Iran


+90 534 460 7032
+98 914 413 2422

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Yes, the goods are 100% guaranteed by our company. We buy goods from reliable sources and we are sure of their quality and performance.

Registration of goods order only in the form of LC and through banks with an official contract.